IL-1R8 是 NK 细胞中调节抗肿瘤和抗病毒活性的检查点

上传 / 管理员 ·2017-11-12 生物学,免疫生物学,白介素 1 受体 8,表达调控

论文标题 / IL-1R8 is a checkpoint in NK cells regulating anti-tumour and anti-viral activity

作者 / Cecilia Garlanda, Alberto Mantovani, et al.

期刊 / Nature

发表时间 / 2017-10-25

数字识别码 / 10.1038/nature24293



Interleukin-1 receptor 8 (IL-1R8, also known as single immunoglobulin IL-1R-related receptor, SIGIRR, or TIR8) is a member of the IL-1 receptor (ILR) family with distinct structural and functional characteristics, acting as a negative regulator of ILR and Toll-like receptor (TLR) downstream signalling pathways and inflammation. Natural killer (NK) cells are innate lymphoid cells which mediate resistance against pathogens and contribute to the activation and orientation of adaptive immune responses. NK cells mediate resistance against haematopoietic neoplasms but are generally considered to play a minor role in solid tumour carcinogenesis. Here we report that IL-1R8 serves as a checkpoint for NK cell maturation and effector function. Its genetic blockade unleashes NK-cell-mediated resistance to hepatic carcinogenesis, haematogenous liver and lung metastasis, and cytomegalovirus infection.



(导读 陈月欣) 白介素 1 受体 8(IL-1R8)对 ILR 和 TLR 通路及炎症反应起到反向调节的作用。NK 细胞可以对抗病原体入侵并抑制造血系统的癌变,但通常认为在抗实体瘤中的作用微小。本研究发现,IL-1R8 是 NK 细胞成熟及行使功能的检查点。IL-1R8 表达下调使 NK 细胞表现出对于肝癌、血源性肝、肺癌转移和人类巨细胞病毒的抗性。


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